Cereal free diet as a healthy

Cereal free diet as a healthy conversion?
In view of the epidemic of overweight due to modern wheat in industrialized countries and many clinically confirmed health problems, Davis recommends a wheat-free diet as a transformative solution for several nutrition-related diseases. Even people who say goodbye to these pills lose excess weight, digestive problems (eg, SDR, heartburn), diabetes, arthritis and depression, not just UV. It can be cured through this diet.

The bread and cereals of organic whole wheat that Davis experienced in terms of its high gluten content and glycemic Keto Viante index (GI) is only the lesser evil. He described modern wheat as a genetic research creation of the sixties and seventies to the CBS.

As an alternative, Davis recommends the “real food”, which has been saved from agricultural interests, fruits, vegetables, especially biologically produced, healthy fats (eg, avocados and olives) and, sometimes, meat quality (VA wild) .

What happens if we can not afford a better replacement of grain foods that are not as compatible as grains that contain gluten, only to completely abandon the grain? What happens next is not an improvement in our health, but a change in our health,
So, Davis.

Also d. Jeffrey Venivis and Dr. Stephen Frey of the Digestive Wellness Center in Kingsport, Tennessee, recommend a getreidefreie- or gliadinfreie diet that (not only wheat but also received rye and barley and received greenery, sweet potato, einkorn, imer, oats and soybeans) barley and wheat hybrids). This applies to most traditional breads and pastas, as well as to products made with secret grain fractions (eg, beer, foods, coffee beans).

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