Saturated fats are not

Saturated fats are not a problem as part of a healthy diet
In other words, coconut and coconut oil are completely harmless if eaten completely. However, for those people who consume a typical Western diet, many baked goods and pasta, many dairy products consume a large amount of meat products, finishing solutions, desserts and fast foods, in addition to the consumption of coconut oil can have very significant effects. negative

Of course, these associations are not mentioned by the American Heart Association, but they usually maintain cholesterol levels. This is a significant increase in coconut oil, butter, fat, fat and palm. If coconut oil (or any of these fats) in a healthy diet will lead to an increase Overnight Lean Keto in cardiovascular problems, you do not know, this is not because this aspect has never been studied.

Cardiologists say that saturated fat does not block the arteries
At the same time, there are experts in disagreement, according to an article that appeared on April 1, 2017 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The authors were three cardiologists d. (MD) and Dr. Pascal Mayer, cardiologist at the University Hospital of Geneva and editor in chief of the BMJ Journal of Medicine (University of California, San Francisco) Open Heart

The team believes that saturated fats do not cause blockages in the arteries. Cardiologists cite reviews that do not show an association between saturated fat intake and an increased risk of heart disease.

Finally, the population must be informed about effective measures.
It is time to educate the population about the real ways of prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease. “It helps to measure lipid levels in the blood only and warn about saturated fats,” experts say.
Instead of focusing on reducing blood lipids and banning highly saturated foods, participants should be educated about proper nutrition, exercise, and proper stress management.

Because Malhotra, Redberg and Meier do not even present medical practice, it is any use of vasodilation, as evidenced by a series of clinical studies. And he discovered that the stent used to expand the blood vessel can not reduce the risk of a heart attack.

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