According to the arguments

According to the arguments of researchers and politicians, anyone who faints regularly, who discourages their energy, to catch the cigarette sooner or later, will be less. The federal minister of the Family, Manuela Schweisig, who introduced the new law on her own initiative, justified the long-standing ban with the recent reduction of the electronic cigarette.


Not only that, in the end, one must create awareness that steam is not less harmful, especially the emergence of a new culture of smoking among children and adolescents that must be addressed.


Cigarettes seduce teens with sweet flavors.

A recent study conducted by the Federal Center for Health Education showed that every fifth adolescent between 12 and 17 magnum trt years had tried at least one electronic shisha. After all, the seven teenagers in this age group have already tried electronic cigarettes.


According to a research team at the University of Cambridge in a study published on January 18, 2016, young people are particularly fond of sweet flavors, such as sweets, chocolate and others.


E-cigarette save lives?

“Electronic cigarettes save lives” forces the V-Vamping community to its homepage. “Verband der eZigarettenhandels eV (VdeH)”, founded in 2011, wants to take action against “misleading information from public bodies” and promote “electric cigarettes as a reasonable alternative”.


If you look at the official pages of Steam, and informally, in various forums, there is resentment over the warnings and the results of the various studies on the great “electronic cigarette”.


As “misleading information”, if it is not even “directed misinformation”, reports on the adverse health effects of electronic cigarettes are reported, while they are immediately confronted with counter-studies.


For example, VdeH cites a study published in the University Hospital of Croydon, United Kingdom, in December 2015, after the breathing of smokers of tobacco and tobacco smoke improved drastically after switching to electronic cigarettes.


According to the same study, 42 percent of people have reduced their consumption of cigarettes, approximately one third has changed to electronic cigarettes. Head of the study, Dr. Sanjay Agrawal, evaluates electronic cigarettes as follows:


“There is no doubt that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco, but we must continue to investigate their long-term effects on health.”

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