2. Food supplements may be contaminated.

2. Food supplements may be contaminated.
Among the “greatest risks of dietary supplements,” articles that strongly oppose dietary supplements contain not only an increase in dose but also contamination. For example, Chinese tea is called the fruit of the schisandra.

In 2014, Bioteh Effi Sachinbacher-Stelle was convicted for this steroid tea. The tea was contaminated with methylaxanamine, a stimulant on the doping list. How the article entered tea remains a mystery.

Athletes: With a Cologne menu on the safe side.
Now, with supplements that promise to improve performance, increase muscle accumulation or fat loss quickly, they may contain undeclared dubious substances, but they may be responsible Trialix for the promised effects. For safety reasons, athletes must adhere to the products of the Cologne list duly tested and safe, and ensure that the doping tests do not cause unpleasant surprises.

However, in the case of high quality generic supplements that do not contain any inappropriate medication or medical claims on the label, the likelihood of illegal contamination is more than low.

However, the problem of unwanted contamination is not just a problem in the area of ​​dietary supplements. Even with medication, they always go back to similar scandals.

Medications can also be contaminated.
For example, in the presence of bacteria and flies, manufacturers produced multimillion-dollar drugs that should have been produced in sterile rooms, as described in 2014.

In 2008, 19 people in the United States died from blood solvents that contain heparin (heparin). Hundreds of other patients suffered shortness of breath, nausea and a significant loss of blood pressure after describing these treatments. Less than a decade later, there was another scan related to heparin in the spring of 2017: this time the drug did not have any sudden effects and, of course, this could threaten the lives of many patients. Extensibility and fraud were the theme this time.

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