Homeopathy in Alzheimer’s disease


The disease is diagnosed earlier in Alzheimer’s disease, which increases the chances of affecting the course of the disease in a positive way. However, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease Tevida are not only alopecia (traditional medicine), but also completely affect. Homeopathy can be a valuable part and a concept of faceless treatment in natural therapy here, which is even topped with studies.


New brain cell formation possible!

Our brain gathers about 100 billion brain Tevida CANADA cells, all interconnected. The intersections are called clamps.


In a healthy person, 50,000 to 100,000 brain cells die every day. This is not tragic, because a large part of these lost cells will be replaced by the formation of new brain cells.


Contrary to previous knowledge, we now know that this cellular renewal in the brain continues to function well even in old age, although to a lesser extent than in the younger days. Only recently (February 2014) was the new formation of brain cells with its publication in the Journal of Cell Study.


The international research team Jonas Frisén, led by Karolinska Institutwar, was not a bit surprised when it became clear during the investigation that new neurons could form in those regions of the brain until one of them thought that they could not only form one cell.


Scientists have announced that these findings open new directions in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.






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