Normal hair loss in women.

Normal hair loss in women.

Hair loss affects not only men, but also women. But women in particular suffer a lot when their hair falls out. They also lose a bit of femininity and self-esteem with their hair. After birth or during menopause, when the hormonal balance is changed, it is common for women to lose their hair. But these hormonal changes are not the only cause, the real cause is elsewhere. But how can you stop hair loss naturally, especially in women?

Causes of hair loss.
To stop a problem such as hair loss, you must first reach the root causes. However, often the real causes are not recognized as causes, but only the triggers that eventually cause hair loss.

Especially in women, hair loss is often caused by a hormonal disorder. Of course, hormonal disorder can contributeĀ Trialix to hair loss, but the hormonal disorder is probably the cause of the cause. But what are the real causes of hair loss in women?

Acidification leads to hair loss.
In most cases, hair loss, both in men and women, is due to acidification of the body and a deficiency of minerals. Due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, which unfortunately are widespread today, the body is expected to do a lot of work, which is barely achievable.

The body depends on an adequate supply of minerals and nutrients through the diet in order to function properly. Every day, acids or metabolic acid products are produced in the body, which must be neutralized with the help of minerals or bases to maintain a constant pH. Since this tie is vital for us, our body deprives the body’s own deposits, such as bones, teeth or simply metals that are needed in the lack of minerals. But our hair follicles also need minerals to ensure normal hair growth. The lack of these can result in the logical loss of hair.

An unhealthy diet, the benefits of traditional cosmetics and skin care products, as well as negative environmental factors, can contaminate your body with harmful substances that you would like to secrete.

Hair care products cause hair loss
Shampoos, conditioners and dyes often contain harmful chemicals and ingredients that, on the one hand, canĀ Trialix Canada damage the hair and cause failure, and on the other hand must be removed from the body. Generally, there are between 10 and 20 different chemical products manufactured industrially in commercially manufactured shampoos. Therefore, buying organic natural shampoos is worth it in many ways.

Slag causes hair loss
A healthy body can usually get rid of contaminants or neutralize harmful metabolites, but it requires enough mineral and biological material. A logically weak body tries to maintain energy and nutrients in all aspects, while maintaining only the basic functions. Therefore, neutral acids are placed as groups in the connective tissue or on the scalp, instead of emptying them with more energy. If there is acidity and slackness, it is not surprising that we have cellulite or hair loss.

But how does this hyperacidity relate to pregnancy, menopause and hormonal balance?

Hair loss and hormonal disorder.
Many women lose their hair after or during pregnancy. This is because the hormonal balance in the hand changes during pregnancy, but it also increases the mineral needs.

Purification of bleeding menstruation.
The change in hormonal balance ensures that women lack a basic purification mechanism during pregnancy: menstrual bleeding. This is also the case during or after menopause. With monthly bleeding, the female body can cleanse and detoxify in a natural and effective way. Some acids or contaminants can be removed directly without having to be neutralized using precious metals.

If the hormonal balance does not change during pregnancy and bleeding does not occur, the body must get rid of the accumulated acids through other mechanisms. This in turn leads to higher mineral requirements.

Stop hair loss in women.
Hair loss during or after pregnancy is usually temporary. Hair growth usually returns to normal within six to twelve months after birth. However, you should not ignore this temporary problem. Hair loss is a sign of mineral deficiency, which should be taken seriously. With a diet b

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