Saturated fats are not

Saturated fats are not a problem as part of a healthy diet
In other words, coconut and coconut oil are completely harmless if eaten completely. However, for those people who consume a typical Western diet, many baked goods and pasta, many dairy products consume a large amount of meat products, finishing solutions, desserts and fast foods, in addition to the consumption of coconut oil can have very significant effects. negative

Of course, these associations are not mentioned by the American Heart Association, but they usually maintain cholesterol levels. This is a significant increase in coconut oil, butter, fat, fat and palm. If coconut oil (or any of these fats) in a healthy diet will lead to an increase Overnight Lean Keto in cardiovascular problems, you do not know, this is not because this aspect has never been studied.

Cardiologists say that saturated fat does not block the arteries
At the same time, there are experts in disagreement, according to an article that appeared on April 1, 2017 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The authors were three cardiologists d. (MD) and Dr. Pascal Mayer, cardiologist at the University Hospital of Geneva and editor in chief of the BMJ Journal of Medicine (University of California, San Francisco) Open Heart

The team believes that saturated fats do not cause blockages in the arteries. Cardiologists cite reviews that do not show an association between saturated fat intake and an increased risk of heart disease.

Finally, the population must be informed about effective measures.
It is time to educate the population about the real ways of prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease. “It helps to measure lipid levels in the blood only and warn about saturated fats,” experts say.
Instead of focusing on reducing blood lipids and banning highly saturated foods, participants should be educated about proper nutrition, exercise, and proper stress management.

Because Malhotra, Redberg and Meier do not even present medical practice, it is any use of vasodilation, as evidenced by a series of clinical studies. And he discovered that the stent used to expand the blood vessel can not reduce the risk of a heart attack.

According to the arguments

According to the arguments of researchers and politicians, anyone who faints regularly, who discourages their energy, to catch the cigarette sooner or later, will be less. The federal minister of the Family, Manuela Schweisig, who introduced the new law on her own initiative, justified the long-standing ban with the recent reduction of the electronic cigarette.


Not only that, in the end, one must create awareness that steam is not less harmful, especially the emergence of a new culture of smoking among children and adolescents that must be addressed.


Cigarettes seduce teens with sweet flavors.

A recent study conducted by the Federal Center for Health Education showed that every fifth adolescent between 12 and 17 magnum trt years had tried at least one electronic shisha. After all, the seven teenagers in this age group have already tried electronic cigarettes.


According to a research team at the University of Cambridge in a study published on January 18, 2016, young people are particularly fond of sweet flavors, such as sweets, chocolate and others.


E-cigarette save lives?

“Electronic cigarettes save lives” forces the V-Vamping community to its homepage. “Verband der eZigarettenhandels eV (VdeH)”, founded in 2011, wants to take action against “misleading information from public bodies” and promote “electric cigarettes as a reasonable alternative”.


If you look at the official pages of Steam, and informally, in various forums, there is resentment over the warnings and the results of the various studies on the great “electronic cigarette”.


As “misleading information”, if it is not even “directed misinformation”, reports on the adverse health effects of electronic cigarettes are reported, while they are immediately confronted with counter-studies.


For example, VdeH cites a study published in the University Hospital of Croydon, United Kingdom, in December 2015, after the breathing of smokers of tobacco and tobacco smoke improved drastically after switching to electronic cigarettes.


According to the same study, 42 percent of people have reduced their consumption of cigarettes, approximately one third has changed to electronic cigarettes. Head of the study, Dr. Sanjay Agrawal, evaluates electronic cigarettes as follows:


“There is no doubt that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco, but we must continue to investigate their long-term effects on health.”

2. Food supplements may be contaminated.

2. Food supplements may be contaminated.
Among the “greatest risks of dietary supplements,” articles that strongly oppose dietary supplements contain not only an increase in dose but also contamination. For example, Chinese tea is called the fruit of the schisandra.

In 2014, Bioteh Effi Sachinbacher-Stelle was convicted for this steroid tea. The tea was contaminated with methylaxanamine, a stimulant on the doping list. How the article entered tea remains a mystery.

Athletes: With a Cologne menu on the safe side.
Now, with supplements that promise to improve performance, increase muscle accumulation or fat loss quickly, they may contain undeclared dubious substances, but they may be responsible Trialix for the promised effects. For safety reasons, athletes must adhere to the products of the Cologne list duly tested and safe, and ensure that the doping tests do not cause unpleasant surprises.

However, in the case of high quality generic supplements that do not contain any inappropriate medication or medical claims on the label, the likelihood of illegal contamination is more than low.

However, the problem of unwanted contamination is not just a problem in the area of ​​dietary supplements. Even with medication, they always go back to similar scandals.

Medications can also be contaminated.
For example, in the presence of bacteria and flies, manufacturers produced multimillion-dollar drugs that should have been produced in sterile rooms, as described in 2014.

In 2008, 19 people in the United States died from blood solvents that contain heparin (heparin). Hundreds of other patients suffered shortness of breath, nausea and a significant loss of blood pressure after describing these treatments. Less than a decade later, there was another scan related to heparin in the spring of 2017: this time the drug did not have any sudden effects and, of course, this could threaten the lives of many patients. Extensibility and fraud were the theme this time.

Energetic proteins of nuts for the hair and the heart.

Energetic proteins of nuts for the hair and the heart.
As a protein rich species, nuts and almonds provide all the essential amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals essential for strong hair. In particular, the high antioxidant effect of the nut supports the structure of the hair by protecting the cells from free radicals. Nuts as raw foods are the best.

The heat of roasting the nuts reduces the quality of the antioxidants, but the nuts are usually natural and therefore have a total benefit.
Explains Professor Joe Vinson of the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The high-quality proteins in walnuts not only deserve a booming hair treatment, but, according to the research results from the Harvard School of Public Health, they also prevent heart attacks. Even eating a few nuts a week will reduce the risk of a heart attack by 30 to Keto Blast 50 percent. As a beneficial side effect, the unsaturated fatty acids in nuts maintain a balance of cholesterol levels and, therefore, can make it unnecessary to bring harmful medications to cholesterol.

Rice proteins and thermos: homes of great strength for athletes and patients with allergies
Athletes love to rely on protein drinks to increase protein deposits and thus increase muscle growth. The high-quality protein is composed of chicken proteins, milk proteins, soy protein and wheat protein, and is covered in questionable additives, such as artificial flavors and flavor enhancers.

Basically balanced and naturally delicious is the rice protein. Especially for those who are allergic to those who want to support their bodies with healthy vegetable proteins, gluten-free rice bran, rich in oil and rich in bio-gluten with the ideal amino acid composition is ideal.

In addition, in the European panorama of health and fitness, the thermos can be erected soon. At the same time, the thermoses are also introduced as a protein supplement in the form of protein tablets.

The legumes combine the eight essential amino acids, called whole proteins. Although Lupine is not a miracle remedy that can replace lost hair easily, the basic thermos procedure can help address the main causes of hair loss: the proper balance of acid base and optimal protein supply are the best conditions for healthy hair growth.

Homeopathy in Alzheimer’s disease


The disease is diagnosed earlier in Alzheimer’s disease, which increases the chances of affecting the course of the disease in a positive way. However, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease Tevida are not only alopecia (traditional medicine), but also completely affect. Homeopathy can be a valuable part and a concept of faceless treatment in natural therapy here, which is even topped with studies.


New brain cell formation possible!

Our brain gathers about 100 billion brain Tevida CANADA cells, all interconnected. The intersections are called clamps.


In a healthy person, 50,000 to 100,000 brain cells die every day. This is not tragic, because a large part of these lost cells will be replaced by the formation of new brain cells.


Contrary to previous knowledge, we now know that this cellular renewal in the brain continues to function well even in old age, although to a lesser extent than in the younger days. Only recently (February 2014) was the new formation of brain cells with its publication in the Journal of Cell Study.


The international research team Jonas Frisén, led by Karolinska Institutwar, was not a bit surprised when it became clear during the investigation that new neurons could form in those regions of the brain until one of them thought that they could not only form one cell.


Scientists have announced that these findings open new directions in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.






Healthy gastrointestinal tract – 12 effective tips


There are many factors that can lead to a diseased bowel. Many of you already know it. But what can be done without much effort to reverse intestinal problems? We offer twelve of the most effective and effective tips for healthier intestines. These are the first steps you Trialix should take if you have intestinal problems and want a healthier bowel. You will be surprised by the impact of these simple tips.


The best 12 tips for your intestines.

The intestines are the first contact with our way of life and nutrition. Therefore, an unfavorable diet, a stressful lifestyle Trialix CANADA and a habitual lack of exercise are among the most important factors that can damage the entire digestive system in the long term.


The consequences of irritable bowel are widespread: abdominal distension, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea or simply constipation.


So the solution for healthier intestines is to eat healthy, relax regularly and move more. Read the tips of this type and read in every corner. But they inspire a force like an outdoor event when chasing dogs and cats at the same time.


Instead, we need practical advice that not only receives specific instructions, but can also be easily implemented, but is also enjoyable, and that is why, in particular,








Do not wash or peel help.

Do not wash or peel help.
The material is sprayed on the plant three or four weeks before harvest. Through the leaves and roots it gets the tubers and the deposits there, which means that it can not be removed by washing or peeling.

There is no commitment to labeling!
A problem for the consumer is that there are no labeling requirements for this type of microbial inhibition. Therefore, as a consumer, you can not say if the potatoes are now treated with maleic hydrazide or not, and then from the beginning to the organic potatoes. Because in organic farming, the use of maleic hydrazide is prohibited.

It is interesting to note that the maximum remaining level of potato is 50 mg / kg, but for onions and leeks no more than 15 mg / kg, it is where potatoes eat much more than onions.

Chlorpropam does not remain in the bark either, but migrates to the tuber
If the farmer does not want to use the maleic hydrazide, the company that stores the potato can use the potash to spray the potato with cloproprofam after the harvest, which is standard in Germany since the late 1990s. It is likely that this bacterial chemical causes cancer. So you do not know it well, but the reservation has been used for several decades.

Hermann Cruz, from the University of Kiel in 2013 in the Swiss magazine K-Tipp, told consumers that chlorprofam can damage Keto blast the nervous system, liver and kidneys, so it should be avoided. Chloropropam is also harmful to the environment, especially for aquatic organisms and birds.

Chlorpropam is still largely found in the bark, but it has already been proven, according to the World Environment Organization 2000, to be found in cooking water, in boiled potatoes and in manufactured products such as potato chips and potato chips, who have already confirmed a 2001 study.

Limit values ​​of antibacterial chemicals.
The maximum residue levels are 10 mg of chloroprofam per kilogram of potatoes. At the same time, the consumer is advised not to consume more than 0.2 mg per kilogram of body weight. For example, if the 6-year-old weighs 20 kg, it will reach its maximum value with 400 g of potatoes (if loaded with 10 mg of chloroprofam per kilogram). If the child ate only half of the potatoes (which would be equal to a large part of the fries), it would reach the level that was still valid until 2006.

Since it depends on the limits rather than on normal contamination and less on human health, the value should be increased at that time, since potatoes use high amounts of chloroprofem so much that the lowest value may have been exceeded frequently. However, with the new value, there is a lot of air and Chlorpropam can be used completely relaxed.

Marked in Germany, but not in Austria and Switzerland.
In Germany, there is at least one commitment to label Chlorpropam and Co., but this article should not be mentioned. Therefore, if the label on the potato bag refers to post-harvest treatment, it refers to chlorbropam, amazel, thibendazole, or similar chemicals found in and on potatoes.

In Austria and Switzerland, unfortunately there are no requirements for labeling (as of 2015 (a) and 2011 (CH)).

Organic potatoes are free of chemicals.
In organic farming these methods are not allowed. Organic potatoes are not treated before or after harvest with the chemicals mentioned. On the other hand, coriander oil is used as agents that contain mint.

Ethylene has also been approved as a biological microbial inhibitor, the so-called mature gas, which has also been fertilized by apples and many other types of fruit. Although the authorities wither, it prevents the expulsion of the potatoes, which is why the apple, although the opposite information in the grid is very good next to the potatoes, can be stored, at least if you want to avoid its expulsion.

Another method of preventing germination is optimal storage in the dark and temperatures between 4 and 8 degrees, which, however, should not fluctuate. In a report, a Bavarian company in February 2016 showed that this action without chemicals works very well.

Normal hair loss in women.

Normal hair loss in women.

Hair loss affects not only men, but also women. But women in particular suffer a lot when their hair falls out. They also lose a bit of femininity and self-esteem with their hair. After birth or during menopause, when the hormonal balance is changed, it is common for women to lose their hair. But these hormonal changes are not the only cause, the real cause is elsewhere. But how can you stop hair loss naturally, especially in women?

Causes of hair loss.
To stop a problem such as hair loss, you must first reach the root causes. However, often the real causes are not recognized as causes, but only the triggers that eventually cause hair loss.

Especially in women, hair loss is often caused by a hormonal disorder. Of course, hormonal disorder can contribute Trialix to hair loss, but the hormonal disorder is probably the cause of the cause. But what are the real causes of hair loss in women?

Acidification leads to hair loss.
In most cases, hair loss, both in men and women, is due to acidification of the body and a deficiency of minerals. Due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, which unfortunately are widespread today, the body is expected to do a lot of work, which is barely achievable.

The body depends on an adequate supply of minerals and nutrients through the diet in order to function properly. Every day, acids or metabolic acid products are produced in the body, which must be neutralized with the help of minerals or bases to maintain a constant pH. Since this tie is vital for us, our body deprives the body’s own deposits, such as bones, teeth or simply metals that are needed in the lack of minerals. But our hair follicles also need minerals to ensure normal hair growth. The lack of these can result in the logical loss of hair.

An unhealthy diet, the benefits of traditional cosmetics and skin care products, as well as negative environmental factors, can contaminate your body with harmful substances that you would like to secrete.

Hair care products cause hair loss
Shampoos, conditioners and dyes often contain harmful chemicals and ingredients that, on the one hand, can Trialix Canada damage the hair and cause failure, and on the other hand must be removed from the body. Generally, there are between 10 and 20 different chemical products manufactured industrially in commercially manufactured shampoos. Therefore, buying organic natural shampoos is worth it in many ways.

Slag causes hair loss
A healthy body can usually get rid of contaminants or neutralize harmful metabolites, but it requires enough mineral and biological material. A logically weak body tries to maintain energy and nutrients in all aspects, while maintaining only the basic functions. Therefore, neutral acids are placed as groups in the connective tissue or on the scalp, instead of emptying them with more energy. If there is acidity and slackness, it is not surprising that we have cellulite or hair loss.

But how does this hyperacidity relate to pregnancy, menopause and hormonal balance?

Hair loss and hormonal disorder.
Many women lose their hair after or during pregnancy. This is because the hormonal balance in the hand changes during pregnancy, but it also increases the mineral needs.

Purification of bleeding menstruation.
The change in hormonal balance ensures that women lack a basic purification mechanism during pregnancy: menstrual bleeding. This is also the case during or after menopause. With monthly bleeding, the female body can cleanse and detoxify in a natural and effective way. Some acids or contaminants can be removed directly without having to be neutralized using precious metals.

If the hormonal balance does not change during pregnancy and bleeding does not occur, the body must get rid of the accumulated acids through other mechanisms. This in turn leads to higher mineral requirements.

Stop hair loss in women.
Hair loss during or after pregnancy is usually temporary. Hair growth usually returns to normal within six to twelve months after birth. However, you should not ignore this temporary problem. Hair loss is a sign of mineral deficiency, which should be taken seriously. With a diet b

Nicotine protects cancer and

Nicotine protects cancer and promotes its spread.
Tobacco is one of the main causes of cancer on a large scale. Polycyclic hydrocarbons and tobacco nitrosamines (TSNA) are potent carcinogens.

If nicotine, the addictive factor, is also involved in the development of cancer, it has not been clear for a long time. Then, also assume that electronic cigarettes are more harmful than tobacco. They contain nicotine, but not conventional carcinogens.

At the same time, there is increasing Gethealthyfreedom evidence that nicotine in the body can cause cancer. The cloth seems to be making a lot of preparations to make the cancer feel good.

For example, nicotine can aggravate existing cancer, can accelerate the formation of tumors and increase the likelihood that the defeated cancer will return. Similarly, it has been shown that cancer treatments do not work well in the presence of nicotine. Nicotine tries to protect cancer clearly.

Especially in the past, they focused on the nicotine potential of nicotine and blinded the cytotoxic and carcinogenic effects of the substance.

Nicotine promotes chronic inflammation.
In June 2016, a study at the Swedish Laboratory of Molecular Infectious Diseases (MIMS) at the University of Umeå in Sweden found a link between nicotine and inflammatory processes.

Nicotine – the researchers said – very massive activation of certain immune cells, the so-called granular neutrophils. These are the most abundant white blood cells. They spread in the blood, constantly looking for bacteria or other alien hackers that need to be eliminated.

Their repertoire consists of so-called extracellular neutrophil traps, which diverge when the enemy appears in large numbers and can render them harmless.

But since not only do you smoke or heat once a month, but, generally, every day, NETs are not only distributed once Gethealthyfreedom or in a short period of time, but are distributed permanently.

Although NET networks are originally designed to protect the body, excessive amounts of NET can also damage the body. The continuous loading and continuous discharge of the organism with NET is now causing tissue damage as a result of chronic inflammation and illustrates the serious consequences of nicotine consumption for human health.

Nicotine: the initiator of acute lung disease.
It has been known for a long time that smoking and second-hand smoke cause chronic and serious inflammatory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a chronic pulmonary embolism that affects 10% of the adult western population and leads to a long and painful death .

Now it is clear that nicotine contributes significantly to this problem: not only smoking in a dangerous way, but also fumigation with nicotine-containing liquids.

If you are interested in more of the health consequences of spraying, you can read more here:

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Diet in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Electronic cigarettes – harmful and carcinogenic.
If you’re fed up once and for all and want to quit smoking or steaming, you’ll definitely find one of the other valuable tips here:

Tips to become a non-smoker.
To show:
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